This Video Shows Why Kyle Walker Has Been Voted Best Skater Of 2016


Pushing the limits yet again.

2016 has been another great year for skateboarding, with several big names continuing to push the barriers when it comes to what can actually be achieved on one of those things.

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Kyle Walker has undoubtedly had a great year on his board, and that’s why he’s been voted as Thrasher’s skater of the year. To commemorate this event, they’ve created the below super cut of all his best tricks of the year to make one completely sick mega cut.

If you need any convincing as to just why he’s skater of the year, you don’t need to look any further than the below video:

Gnarly. I know it’s a highlights reel of his best tricks, but he still makes it look completely and utterly effortless, even though he’s busting out some of the hardest tricks known to man right there. Particularly fond of the first one where he slams it down the hill and some of the crazy nose manuals into flips he does. Next level stuff right there.

For more epic skateboarding from this year, check out some of the videos featured here. It really does get better and better.


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