Watch This Kung Fu Fighter Go Up Against A Bull

Bull Wrestling

Apparently this is a genuine sport over in China.

When you think of bullfighters, you normally think of Spanish guys with red rags taunting bulls and then jumping out of the way at the last minute, occasionally getting absolutely destroyed by the bulls.

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You don’t normally think of people actually fighting the bulls and wrestling them to the ground, but apparently over in the Chinese city of Jiaxing in the Zhejiang province this is one of their favourite pastimes. Trained kung fu fighters will regularly take on bulls that are about five times their weight multiple times a week and try and wrestle them to the floor by their horns.

During the bouts, the kung fu fighters have three minutes to wrestle the bull to the ground. If they don’t manage to do it then they lose the match and the next wrestler can come in for a go. You can watch some highlights below, as well as reading the comments of Hua Yang, a 41 year old enthusiast of the sport:

Spanish bullfighting is more like a performance or a show.

This (the Chinese variety) is truly a contest pitting a human’s strength against a bull. There are a lot of skills involved and it can be dangerous.’

I mean I think I probably agree with that, although it still doesn’t look like it’s that much fun for the bull. Seems like they’re treated with more respect over there in China than they are in Spain – probably better for them just to outlaw fighting animals once and for all though hey? Can’t see that ever happening though.

Also I reckon the bulls look way tamer than the kind of stuff you usually catch in Spain. The one bull is even wagging its tail like it’s friends with the dude, not trying to rip him a new one like what you see in Spain. Not sure if that’s better or worse for the bulls/humans/entertainment purposes, but just saying that it looks like a much easier ride over there. Classic Chinese pussies.

For more of the same, check out a bunch of pictures of these fights going down. Tough.


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