KSI Reveals Tesco Won’t Stock Prime Energy Drink Because Of Security Fears


It’s been well documented this year that Prime Energy Drink is pretty much the hardest item to get your hands on unless you’re willing to travel to Wakey Wines and spend hundreds of pounds on a bottle and it doesn’t look like the situation is going to get any easier after this latest announcement from KSI.

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I guess that most people would probably think it might be an idea for people trying to purchase Prime if it was stocked in all the major supermarkets, but KSI has revealed it’s unlikely to come to Tesco any time soon due to security fears. Here’s what he said in reply to a fan that said Tesco couldn’t get a hold of any of it because they were having trouble securing it from UK manufacturer Refresco:

I mean I’m not really surprised at that are you? People have been going absolutely crazy for the stuff and storming supermarkets as soon as they open and fighting each other for it for the last month or so and I don’t blame Tesco for not wanting to have to deal with that kind of crap every day. Probably not worth the money that they might have made instead. Makes a change hey? Who would have thought it?

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