Krispy Kreme Takes Rapping World By Storm – Again

krispy kreme

Krispy Kreme made other rappers look like pussies with his first hit, The Baddest. Well, now he’s back and better than ever.

krispy kreme

You probably remember that when Krispy Kreme first made his (huge) mark on the rapping world, we were completely blown away at Sick Chirpse. I mean, like, how can a guy come up with such sick rhymes and spit them out so effortlessly whilst looking like a total babe-magnet? Even Kanye and Snoop look a bit flustered at times, but Krispy Kreme really showed them how to tighten their shit up and the rap world will be forever grateful for the effort he put in to rejuvenate the genre. All over the world people were bumping and grinding and lighting up to his first major hit, The Baddest, while he locked himself up and wrote his next big hit. Guys like Krispy don’t need pussy – pussy needs Krispy.

It seemed as if the time would never come when his next hit would smash into our ears, but it’s finally here and he hasn’t let us down. He looks like a bro with a shaven head, too. Much better than the Susan Boyle/Hayley Cropper look he had going on in his early days. So, get a bottle or a can, light a fat one and bask in the fvcking beauty of Krispy Kreme’s newest hit, Stolen Bikes. It’s only a matter of time before this guy dominates.

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