Kony 2012 went viral yesterday but can’t we just take a look at the world and do something without all the sentimental crass bullshit the video put us through and the $30 it asked for at the end?

I had a field day this morning (a field morning?) observing reactions to the ‘viral sensation’ that is Kony 2012. If you haven’t yet seen it, then watch it below. But if you can, ACTUALLY watch it – you’ll see what I mean.

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Firstly, subject matter aside – which I agree is serious, shocking, pertinent and has been for as many years as I can remember- to critique the actual film: it’s sentimental and disgusting and OFFENSIVE towards the kids it is trying to ‘help’. How dare Jason Russell use images of his son being born, playing on a trampoline, being a little cutie with an impeccable fashion sense, even ‘making his own film’ in a supermarket of AN UNSUSPECTING WOMAN HAVING A BOMB EXPLODING ON HER ASS using some suspect app on his dad’s (or maybe even his!) iPhone, to try and make a point? Where is the relevance?

All I can attribute it to is that he is assuming the world and its inhabitants to be a stupid, therefore requiring us to focus all attention and actually CARE because the only thing we can relate to is small blonde children and the simple notion of ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’. And unfortunately, today the world is showing itself to be just that as Kony 2012 has gone viral everywhere. From the start, the film reeks of a freshly alfalfa sprouted yuppie’s turd. And the words at 3.14, Russell talking about little Gavvie:

 ‘but he was born into a pretty complicated world… and as a dad I want him to grow up in a better world than I did. And because of the course of events in my life (and what were they exactly? I don’t even want to hear the answer), I see a way to get there’

Pass me the vomit bucket. As the meat of the film starts, actually portraying a Ugandan kid, he states- ‘It’s been almost ten years since Jacob and I became friends’. Well why is this film a viral hit NOW?? Russell promises Jacob that he will do something about the situation, in Hollywood style tones, ‘I promise… I promise’. I guess Kony 2012 is what this is. And I’m so, so confused and disappointed in his attempt. I get it, they want to catch Kony… but… but…

Russell is a patronising, self-righteous ****** and frankly, the use of his own unsuspecting little boy Gavin is disgusting. What a simple and one-dimensional way to of thinking to impose upon an easily brainwashed world. The video does nothing but celebrate a way of thinking which is more harmful than productive; that an old conflict, riddled with history and complexities can be reduced to the scapegoating of one man.  In a drawn out, shocked tone he laments meeting the ex-child soldiers in a dirty, over crowded place in Uganda ‘This has been going on for years? If it happened for one night in America, it would be on the cover of Newsweek’.

Who cares WHERE it’s happening? It’s happening, and has being doing so for decades. Forget about Newsweek and your obvious ‘I’m a white man I got a burden because in my country this would never happen, nah uh, so I gotta go and intervene because of that’. EVEN BONO GET’S  MENTIONED IN THE FILM as someone who needs to get involved with the situation, and we all know how embarrassingly self righteous he is.  I mean BONO OWNS FACEBOOK -which is the main format through how Kony 2012  has been shared – so he is going to be loving it regardless of its content as it lines his pockets even further.

I love the world and it’s fickle ways.  Kony 2012 is today’s viral sensation, as the masses gather and ‘spread the word’. I wonder how many of them have actually watched the whole film? Because, if they all have, then the ‘world’ and it’s slobbering masses are more stupid than I originally suspected, almost celebrating at the thought that they think they have grasped one of the world’s most atrocious and long standing problems.

Chances are not everyone has watched the film properly, but passed it on anyway, without realising they were supporting a conservative movement, with a really, really questionable background. The world today is giving itself a massive egotistical pat on the back, ‘Oh, I have spread the word of Kony 2012, I’m so politically active and aware AND I’m a humanitarian at the same time, all whilst sitting at my facebook and jerking off to pictures of my ex girlfriend in a bikini and then crying into the tissue and then playing an eight hour session of Call of Duty, where I get to KILL’.

It’s such a common ‘Western’ theme to demonise a political figure in the world, and rack up a mass hysteria surrounding them, then rendering an attack on their nation ‘acceptable’ and immune to bearing the term of ‘war’. By spreading ‘Kony 2012’ the public are supporting the full blown attack of another nation, because they have been riled up to believe that ‘evil’ is being wiped out.

In light of this, I ask, why aren’t images of the ongoing massacre in Homs, which is happening NOW, not going viral? It’s insane. Why aren’t we, on the 20.04.12 gathering in our MASSES to scream about that?

Anyway. If you have watched until the end of the video, you’ll notice that you are offered to then spend 30 dollars of your money on this:

A Kony Kit: containing 1 plastic bracelet which you MUST NOT take off at any time or you too shall become an evil child killer, a t-shirt to tell everyone around you that you know all about the child soldier problem and how evil Kony is and how great you are, instructions BECAUSE YOU NEED THEM on WHAT TO DO NEXT, and stickers to make Kony ‘famous’. FAMOUS? What kind of a terminology is that? Surely the dudes at IC could just fly him over from the CONGO where he probably is right now and get him onto pop idol or something. That could work?

I’m not going to tell you what you should do with your 30 dollars instead, but it could be something along the lines of donating it to a charity which is transparent in how they use their money and which holds grace and integrity in how it goes about trying to help the plight of those less fortunate around the globe rather than to Jason Russell’s kid’s college fund. You know, so Gavin can grow up in a better world than I did.

This morning, I felt more inspired by this article on this tumblr (which Facebook coincidentally blocked from being spread – hats off Bono!) than by that condescending film:

I may sound pretty preachy and angry, but the point of my talk is this: Use. Your. Brain. Because you have one.  You may not agree with me. You may think I’m a ‘terrorist’ or ‘heartless evil bitch,’ Well so be it – and I’ll come over with Danny Dyer later and sort you out,you fackin mug – but the more pressing issue is for people to get busy and get educated with ALL the evidence around them, and not follow like blind sheep when some viral video gets handed to them on a plate with fries and coleslaw on the side.

I am not saying that Kony should not be put on trial for his crimes against humanity, he really fvcking has to be. But Russell’s parting words, again salivating all over his son, are that he wants the world to be a better place for HIM. Great. Cool. ‘Daddy, I want to be like you. I’m going to come to Africa’ says Gavin – cherubic in his appearance but devil-like if it is to come true. I can imagine the millions of people all over the world melting, hearts breaking at the toddler’s words.

I’m saying it one more time: strain yourself and look deeper under the surface of things that took you no effort to discover, beware of mass hysteria and sentimental nonsense, and remain open minded and veracious in your beliefs and informed in your actions. Ultimately, stay true to yourself, but know, for sure, where that self is coming from; stand strong with the integrity and knowledge that any cause you are standing up for deserves.

90, 000 dolllaaaa a year for Russell, think that says it all.

Peace out.



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