Knifeman Stabs Family After Dad Scratches Crotch In Front Of His Wife

Man scratching crotch

Yeah, it is gross when guys do that.

A mother and her three teenage daughters have been stabbed while on holiday in France by a knifeman who was miffed that her husband was grabbing his crotch. I mean yeah, it’s pretty gross when guys do that, but not to the point of shanking someone.

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Mohamed Boufarkouch has since been arrested for attempted murder after stabbing the woman and her kids who are aged 8, 12 and 14. He allegedly shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ meaning ‘God is great’ in Arabic, before launching into the attack.

The assailant and his family had been staying next door to the other family in holiday apartments in the Haute-Alpes when he reportedly rushed into their rooms with the knife. The youngest child had to be rushed to hospital to fix a punctured lung, although they are all now out and doing OK.


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Deputy prosecutor Oliver Nagabbo told the court that:

The husband, and father, of the victims, confirms he crossed the suspect while he was leaving the premises after the attack. The suspect allegedly then told him: ‘You shouldn’t have done that in front of my wife,’ then [the man] scratched the inside of his thigh over his shorts.

The husband doesn’t remember doing such a gesture.

It was hard to comprehend that such a gesture could have sparked such a serious attack from a person in full mental health or devoid of any ideological intent.

Boufarkouch currently remains in custody.

It’s pretty obvious to work out from this story that the guy definitely is NOT in full mental health. My boyfriend used to scratch his crotch in front of me all the time and I didn’t think about stabbing him… a slap round the head is far more sufficient.

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