Knife Wielding Man Tasered Outside Buckingham Palace

Knifeman Buckingham Palace

This happened on Sunday sure but it’s still a pretty awesome video because everyone loves a good tasering, especially when the guy getting tasered actually deserves it for once.

Knifeman Buckingham Palace

OK, I know that this happened over the weekend but things are a bit delayed here at Sick Chirpse because there’s a bunch of stuff going on behind the scenes /I’ve been drinking way too much and can’t keep on top of things (delete as applicable). So yeah basically over the weekend these really crazy scenes went down at Buckingham Palace and you might have already seen them but nobody seems to be talking about them THAT much so I figured it was at least worth sharing the video here on Sick Chirpse. Props to Rory Bentley for first brining this to our attention, if we checked our emails more often/I didn’t have a drinking problem maybe we would have got it up quicker.

It was the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace on Sunday. I assume this happens every day and is a massive tourist attraction because everyone has seen it in history books or some old movie or something. To be honest I think it’s kinda crazy that these guards even still exist because it’s not like they’re needed at all in today’s security conscious world but I guess it creates a couple of (useless) jobs and improves the tourist industry slightly so I can’t really complain.

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Anyway they were changing the guard and right in the middle some 54 year old Asian dude runs out with two really sharp knives and puts one to his neck and just waved the other one around any which way but loose. Apparently passers by said he was babbling incoherently about crap as crazy knife wielding maniacs tend to do. A couple of the policemen tried to calm him down and get him to drop the knife but he wasn’t having any of it and just waved it around even more and looked even crazier.  Obviously the cops can’t have this happening – especially at a prestigious tourist event like the changing of the guard – so what do they do? Tase the guy of course, taking a leaf out of the book of our American brothers who decided to tase a guy who was inflating balloons in his car on Friday night.

I think perhaps the cops over here were a bit more justified though, I mean the guy was waving really sharp knives around a tourist area and had one against his own neck, and when the cops do try and get him he goes for them with the knives too. It’s always cool to see a good tasing  right? And even better one that was probably actually justified and carried out with the minimum amount of force. Yeah, everyone does rush this guy but it’s nowhere near as brutal as the one I highlighted on Friday in America and this guy does kind of deserve it, whereas the guy in America probably could have been dealt with a little more gently as he was just blowing balloons up in his car, you know?

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This is pretty much against most of what I normally believe in but I gotta commend the police for the way they handled this situation as the guy did try and calm the dude down instead of just going straight in with the taser, and only got it out and used it when the weirdo ran at him with a knife. I think that’s always an acceptable time to use a taser. It’s also cool to note that during the incident, the palace band didn’t miss a beat, although the changing of the guard was slightly delayed.

Even though this happened a couple of days ago now there still hasn’t been any word of what has happened to this dude or why he was going crazy during the changing of the guard with a couple of knives, and to be honest I doubt we’ll ever find out as it will probably fade from our memories pretty quickly. And that’s just the way the government/media like it. If anyone knows what he was doing let us know, otherwise just check out the video below and enjoy it:

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