KKK Member Built A ‘Death-Ray Machine’ To Kill Muslims And Barack Obama

Is this the American version of the ‘Muslamic Ray Gun’?

A Ku Klux Klan member planned to use a remote-controlled X-ray device, which he called “Hiroshima on a light switch”, to murder Muslims and Barack Obama.

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Glendon Scott Crawford was arrested back in 2013 and accused of plotting to unleash radiation at a Mosque and Muslim school in New York, but details of exactly what he was up to are being released at his trial this week.

His lawyer argued that he would never have even been able to build the device if the government hadn’t made the necessary components available, as if that somehow absolves him of anything.

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The judge eventually asked to see the device, which was built from an industrial X-ray machine and electronic beam welders.

The court also heard a recording of Crawford describing himself as a KKK member, and discussing his plans to attack the White House.

Crawford was clocked after he got in touch with a member of the Jewish Federation of New York, and asked them if they were interested in getting involved with his plans to “kill Israel’s enemies while they slept”. They shopped him in to the cops instead.

Crawford and his co-conspirator Eric Freight are both looking at lengthy jail terms. From what we’ve read I’d liken them to these EDL bozos.

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