I got trapped in the countryside for three days with a bag of weed so I got into the world of online gaming…..

I was baked the other night and stuck at my parent’s house in the middle of nowhere whilst my car was in the garage being fixed with just a laptop and a TV with about a million channels on it and I guess what they say is true: A million channels and nothing to watch. I spend too much time on the internet so got pretty bored with my laptop and I started checking out some of the ads that Sick Chirpse had been running down the side (always good to have a vested interest in the brand you’re in charge of right?) to check them out and see what they had to offer. I clicked on this one, King of Kings 3, and was taken to the website of a game that resembled World of Warcraft. Now, I had steered pretty clear of World of Warcraft after seeing that episode of South Park and having a chinese roommate when I lived in Toronto who literally sat in his room all day with the lights of blowing stuff up and fighting people. I knew the effects.

But I was insanely bored so I figured I’d sign up. I’d tried to get back into gaming recently with the release of Duke Nukem Forever, but my desktop was so shit that it couldn’t run on it and I thought my return to gaming was going to have to be postponed permanently. I guess secretly though I’d been itching to play something again. You didn’t have to pay like World of Warcraft with King of Kings 3 so that was a big factor two. I signed up and got into it. And I’ve gotta say it was a lot of fun – I can see why people get addicted to it and never leave their rooms.

The game starts off like so many RPG’s (or wrestling sims, or GTA) with you picking your character and customising him. I picked a ranger – versatile fighters that are masters of the bow and blade – and made him dashing/scholarly and with a beard. Looked completely sick. Then bang, I was in the game. It was pretty much what you expected, a bunch of people talked to me, I got some new gear, levelled up a couple of times, fought some people, got asked to do some quests, tried to join a bank, tried to join some guilds but wasn’t powerful enough, told some people I was going to build a town but got laughed at, etc etc. There was a lot going on. Suddenly, it was 5am in the morning and I was out of weed (i’d had a solid ten bag at 10pm) I wanted to keep going but it just wasn’t as good when I wasn’t baked and the sun was starting to come up so I felt a bit gross.

The day after my dealer wasn’t picking up so I didn’t play again, but the day after that the exact same thing happened. I just played King of Kings 3 for about six hours straight. And i’m not gonna lie, I enjoyed it. I’d levelled up a few times, had a few big fights and was starting to get somewhere within the game world. I was really into it. I don’t know how I felt about it, I mean it was cool I was enjoying it but it kinda went against every fibre in my body. Fortunately, I didn’t have to face these feelings for much longer as I was going back to London the day after, and that meant friends and parties within walking distance. I’m planning on going back to my parents in another five weeks though….and who knows what will happen then?

If you want to check out King of Kings 3, do so at the following link. But be warned, despite being very cool, it’s highly addictive. Be ready for what you’re getting yourself in for!

Go play the game for yourself right here  – it’s totally free – just make sure you’ve got enough weed before you get hooked like I did.

Here’s some cool screenshots I found from King of Kings 3 too:

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