Kim Kardashian’s Book Of Selfies Was A Massive Flop, Gets Ripped Apart On Amazon Reviews

Amazon reviewers can be so mean sometimes.

We all know that no one can spin something into cash better than the Kardashians, but that hasn’t been the case so far with Kim’s 400-page book of selfies, titled ‘Selfish’. Yep, it’s literally 400 pages of Kim Kardashian selfies.

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Despite being advertised all over the place, ‘Selfish’ has only sold 32,000 copies. That’s incredible when you think she has over 40 million Instagram followers. 40+ million people out there who follow her purely so they can check out her selfies and photos of her ass/boobs. But barely a fraction of them bothered to buy her crappy book.

I guess not everything the Karsashians touch turns into gold. Here are some brutal reviews left by customers on Amazon:

Kim K

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A poor tree died for this. – Tracy

I can recommend the audio version of this book. It lasts 37 seconds. The narrator basically says, “On this page, we have an idiot and her cleavage looking into a camera,” 500 times. – Reed

Take the money you were planning on buying this book with.
Look at it reaaaaal good.
Put it in an envelope.
Donate it to Nepal.
(optional) Go buy yourself some brain cells. – yoyoman159

It’s a little uncomfortable but doesn’t leave pieces behind when you go to wipe like other brands like Charmin and generic brand toilet paper. – Kris

They should perfume the pages so blind people can hate it, too. – J. Cheever

I placed this book in the waiting room of my practice. My assistant continually finds it in the trash at the end of the day. – Dr. Charlie

Gravity will have the last laugh. Bring it on. – Mark

I had a choice between this and a monkey’s paw. I chose the monkey’s paw. They still made me take this book. I tried to burn it, but the match turned blue and went out. I threw it in a lake, and all the fish died. When I drove home, I found it in the back seat. I’m pretty sure that in seven days Kim is going to crawl out of this book and tell me about her new line of clutch bags. I have a very old, sickly neighbour; I’m going to let him read it and see if the curse transfers to him. Man, I hope so. – M. Varden

I bought this book because I wanted to go into the tropical fish business. I really thought this would be an instructional guide to Sell Fish. The woman with the trout face really threw me off. Apparently this book is actually about selling melons as I can now see from the cover photo. Buyer beware.– Guppy Lover

Not great! – Roberto

Love it. I feel like this is a small victory for the anti-Kardashian clan out there. Definitely one Kim Kardashian brain wave that younger sister Kendall won’t be copying.


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