Kim K Just Ruined Kanye’s Life By Posting These Bizarre Photos Online


Times are tough.

I’m sure many of you will be fascinated to know that Kim Kardashian made her comeback to social media recently, following her traumatic robbery attack in Paris last year.

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Whether she was purposely trying to go for the hillbilly look or perhaps was stripping back to avoid further attacks, the reality star has gone on a mad one and posted a load of family photos that go completely against the image that her and Kanye West have spent years building together. Kanye must be screwing.

The worn out couch, stripped back looks and bare interior appear to be staged and her eagle-eyed fans are not happy about it. Here are just a couple of the comments they’ve received over the pictures:

What’s with these new style shots? Like they’re in some run down beach house so fake man!

When they try to make it look like they’re not actually in million dollar home. Tf do you think you’re fooling?

Where are they living? In a barn? I’m so confused.

They do have a point – the pictures look like they’ve come from a trailer somewhere in Middle America. But then in this case, I guess they really can’t win. In her old days Kim Kardashian used to post pictures of all her expensive jewelry, which led to her nearly getting shot. Now she’s posting these pictures and her fans are accusing her of acting poor. It’s a catch 22.

On the plus side, at least they’ve still got each other. Which wasn’t looking very likely only a month or so ago.


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