Kim Jong-un Executes Vice Premier With Anti-Aircraft Gun For ‘Sitting In Disrespectful Position’

What a brutal way to go.

North Korea has executed a vice premier for ‘showing disrespect’ during a meeting presided over by Kim Jong-un, and purged two other senior officials by sending them to re-education camps.

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A senior Unification Ministry official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that Kim Jong-un had a problem with th 63-year-old deputy premier’s “disrespectful posture” during the meeting back in June.

It was also reported by the mass-circulation daily JoongAng Iibo, that a former North Korean agriculture minister and a senior Education Ministry official had been executed with fucking anti-aircraft guns. The latter had been arrested for dozing off during a meeting with Kim Jong-un.


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Everyone knows Kim Jon-un likes to run a tight ship, but jesus. Can’t even sit in a ‘disrespectful position’ around the geezer without being executed. Would be good if they announced what the position was so that other North Koreans might avoid it in the future. I’ll bet he was mansplaining all over the place.

P.S. This is an anti-aircraft gun in action by the way. Talk about overkill:

You don’t want to get on Kim’s bad side.


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