Meet Killdozer – The 24 Stone Iranian Powerlifter Who Has Vowed To Destroy ISIS

Killdozer 2

You don’t want to mess with this guy.

24-year-old 24 stone powerlifter Sajad Gharibi is currently known as the Iranian Hulk in powerlifting circles, but now that he’s announced he’s joining the Iranian army to fight ISIS, he’s been given a new nickname: The Killdozer.

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He made the announcement via his Instagram account, telling his 177,000 followers that it was an issue that was ‘close to his heart’. He hopes to help put the ‘final nail in the coffin of the crumbling caliphate’.

KillDozer 1

ISIS have their own man mountain in the form of the huge masked executioner known only as The Bulldozer, but it looks like Gharibi is even bigger than him and should be able to hand him an asswhooping if the two ever end up meeting each other in hand to hand combat. Indeed, Gharibi has even had to deny on multiple occasions that he is The Bulldozer, such is their similarity in size and look. This became less of an issue after the original Bulldozer was captured and replaced with a different model, kinda like something out of a WWE storyline.

Gharibi puts his impressive body down to genetics and a fierce workout routine. No idea if he’s a good fighter or has any army training at all, but I’m sure the mere sight of him will almost be enough to freak out those pussy ISIS fighters, who sound like their on their last legs anyway. Here’s hoping.


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