Kid Loses The Plot After Mum Buys Him The Wrong Video Game For Christmas

Kid Wrong Video Xmas

To be fair it is pretty annoying.

Imagine if you had been waiting all year for that video game that you really wanted and you knew you were getting it for Christmas, but then when you opened it up IT WAS THE WRONG VIDEO GAME. You would probably then be this kid below:

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Oof, that’s just cold. And the parent’s excuse that it was out of stock doesn’t really wash either, does it? I mean did you try another store? Ordering online? No you didn’t, you were just really lazy and got the old version. Like anyone wants the old version. Fuck stupid parents that don’t understand video games.

Incidentally I got WWE 2K16 for Xmas too but I left my Playstation back at my actual house. I feel this kid’s pain. Let’s hope he doesn’t make it onto the list of ten disturbing deaths caused by video games.


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