Watch This Kid Shoot Himself In The Head Playing Russian Roulette – And Somehow Survive

Man Shoots Himself Head Russian Roulette

Seriously screwed up footage.

Playing Russian Roulette is a seriously bad idea and I hope I’m never in a situation where I’m forced to do it. In fact I can’t even think of why the game even exists, aside from creating really dramatic situations in a bunch of movies and TV shows.

It’s completely moronic that anyone would ever want to play it in real life, and even more moronic that someone that would want to get involved with it is a 12 year old kid. However, over in Brazil this happened and he has to be one of the luckiest people in history because he managed to shoot himself in the head whilst playing and still survive.

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Ouch. I would have put my money on him being dead, but apparently the bullet only grazed his skull and he’s still alive and kicking, and just needed a couple of stitches and has a couple of grazes now. Fucking lucky as hell because it looked to me like he completely blew his brains out there.

Obviously, it could be fake but it’s so grainy and cruddy that it would seem worthless to even bother faking it. I mean if you’re gonna fake something like that, at least make it look good, right? I think it’s 100% real.

Here’s another video of a kid playing Russian roulette at a house party in a way that means he must be a complete and utter psychopath.


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