Watch This Kid Receive 16th Birthday Present From His Recently Deceased Father

Johnny Crow

Definitely the most emotional thing you’ll see this week.

I don’t know what it must be like to lose a parent at a young age, but I imagine it must be one of the most awful things that could possibly happen to a person. Then you see a video like this and you know that it is.

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The video was taken in Port Huron, Michigan by a girl named Chandler Crow. She lost her father unexpectedly to a heart attack back in April, but discovered that he had already bought her little brother Johnny a new guitar for his birthday when she dropped him off at the store where he was receiving guitar lessons. 

She decided to keep it a secret and film his reaction and well, make sure you’ve got a tissue handy because it really does get emotional:

Jesus. Right in the feels.

I don’t think I really need to say anything more about that because Johnny’s reaction truly says everything you need to know. Gives you chills.

Not really sure why the sister decided to film it unless she wanted to make a viral video, but hey I suppose that is one way to honour your dead father, kinda. I also want to say that Flying Vs kinda suck, but I suppose if you’re a kid that looks like Johnny then you’re going to absolutely love it so props to the dad again for knowing his kids so well. True hero.

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