This Kid Getting Told Off At Prom Will Make You Feel Better About Your Rubbish Relationship

Nagging Prom Selfie

Fed up.

Pretty much one thing is for sure in this life – along with death and taxes – and that’s that if you’re a guy going out with a girl, then at some point during your relationship the girl is going to nag at you and there’s nothing you can do about it except suck it up and go along with it. It’s just inevitable.

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I know this because I’m a bit older now, but back when I was 17 and not so jaded, I probably thought that it wouldn’t happen to me. Not everyone was so lucky to experience that period of their life when they thought anything was possible as this video expertly shows.

In it, some 17-year-old kid is going to prom with his girlfriend and tries to take a selfie with her by a fountain. The selfie is not good though and he immediately gets an earful. You can tell by his reaction that he is just fed up with his life right now:

Lol. Never seen someone look so utterly powerless and pathetic. That’s probably every day of his life right now and it’s not getting any better until he cuts that girl loose. He doesn’t look like the kinda guy who’s prepared to take that course of action though, so he’s probably just gonna be stuck like this for the rest of his life. Can’t wait to see what he’s like after 30 years of marriage if this is how he’s acting already.

Oh and I gotta give props to the cameraman as well – the zoom in on his face is perfectly timed and captures the anguish so well. A+ work there.

For more nagging, check out this story about a guy who beheaded his mother for nagging him. Extreme.


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