Here’s Why You Should NEVER Ask A Kid On His 1st Day Of School If He’s Going To Miss His Mum

Bad move.

Back to journalism school for this reporter (we should know eh?). If there’s one thing they teach you there it’s never ask a 5 year old kid if he’s going to miss his mum right before he’s about to start his first day of school.

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Here’s what’ll happen every time:

Hey little kid who’s never spent more than 5 minutes away from his mum in his entire life, are you going to miss the lady who feeds you, clothes you, hugs you, wipes your arse for you etc now that she’s not going to be around for the next 7 or so hours? Are you? The kid even tried to put a brave face on like he wasn’t going to miss his mum but the writing was already on the wall at that point. He was gonna miss the shit out of her. But thanks to this reporter he couldn’t even make it to assembly before having a full on breakdown.

Nice one reporter lady. You make those guys at CNN talking about 4chan look like worldbeaters.


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