Watch This Kid Completely Switch After Obliterating His Drunk Dad With One Punch

Father/son bonding at its finest.

I don’t know what kind of issues you must be dealing with to get shitfaced and challenge your son to a fight (in the daytime no less), but it’s safe to say you’re near rock bottom when that happens.

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Not only is this guy drunkenly challenging his son to a fight, he ends up getting his arse whooped too:

Not a great look really is it? On the plus side this family now has an opportunity to show the dad that footage when he wakes up from his coma to let him see for himself how ridiculous he is. Maybe that’s what they have to do to get him to finally turn his life around. At the same time I’m pleased they chose to entertain the rest of us by sharing it online as well.

To watch a Romanian dad ruthlessly roundhouse kick his son in the face, click HERE.


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