Kensington Palace Hid ‘Negro’ Painting Before Barack Obama Visited Last Week

That would have been awkward.

There was a last-minute scramble at Kensington Palace last week ahead of the Obamas’ visit which saw a plaque removed from a painting titled ‘The Negro Page’, and a pot plant put in place to cover the gap.

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Kensington Palace aides rushed to remove the word ‘negro’ from the painting moments before the Obamas arrived for dinner with William and Kate.

An assistant spotted the plaque displaying the title ‘The Negro Page’ and helpfully took it down before strategically placing a plant over the space that was left.


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The painting, by Albert Cuyp, features a black servant boy in a landscape from the 17th century.

Naturally, Kensington Palace themselves refused to comment on the report.

As for the meeting itself, it actually seems like little Prince George bossed the whole thing:

Just bopping around Kensington Palace in his bathrobe and slick haircut like he’s Hugh Hefner or something. Pretty cool little fucker considering William’s his dad.

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