Kendall Jenner Is Being Attacked For Doing ‘Helicopter Hands’ In IG Post After Kobe Bryant’s Death

People are convinced she’s disrespecting the memory of Kobe Bryant.

It seems you can’t do anything these days without sparking off some kind of recreational outrage from people who get high off telling other people how awful they are, and Kendall Jenner found this out the hard way on Instagram this week.

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Here’s what Kendall posted last night, which she captioned ‘wingspan’:

Not sure how anyone can look at that and think anything other than ‘wow Kendall Jenner is hot and her thigh gap is ridiculous’, but some hysterical peeps did enough mental gymnastics to determine that this post was disrespectful to the memory of Kobe Bryant, because she’s doing helicopter hands and mentioned the word ‘wingspan’ in the caption.

Here are some of the comments she received:

That’s kind of inappropriate considering what just happened.

Wow! I knew the Kardashian’s were dumb as fuck but this is just a step too far. Helicopter arms??? Are you actually serious?!

You’re Instagram page needs to be shut down. Why would you post a long limbed NBA player-like video. And caption it this?

It’s wild to think that Kobe came from the same place as a stupid bitch like you!

There were some more level-headed folk commenting and coming to Kendall’s defense, but it’s still pretty nuts that anyone could send this kind of vitriol over a post that anyone with a functional brain can see has nothing to do with Kobe Bryant.

Can’t believe some of them are actually calling for Instagram to shut down her account – are you really trying to deprive us of content like this?

Come on now.

For the time Kendall managed to annoy the ballerina community by posing as a ballerina, click HERE. Just making friends everywhere she goes isn’t she?


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