Kendall Jenner Was Bored During Lockdown So Dropped This Absolute Heater On Instagram

Well played.

As the world continues to wait out the pandemic and lockdown that goes along with it, it’s tough to know what to do with ourselves every day.

After all, we’re still weeks away from the Premier League returning (if it returns at all), summer holidays are all but dead in the water, and some of us don’t even have work to keep us busy. But you know what could keep you busy? Being a little bit more like Kendall Jenner. And by that I mean doing full make-up even though you are indoors 24/7, throwing on a little sexy number, and posting photos like this on Instagram – boom:

And that right there is quarantine being put to good use. OK you may not be as attractive as Kendall Jenner and certainly there aren’t as many people clamouring to see you in lingerie on Instagram, but still, you could do something else like clean your room and write up a post-coronavirus bucket list or something. Just anything really to put your time to effective use like Kendall Jenner has here.

Inspiring stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree.

For Kendall’s excellent response to trolls who accused her of being “passed around” by NBA players, click HERE.


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