The Human Ken Doll Is Quitting Surgery After A Flesh-Eating Bug Nearly Destroyed His Face

Wise choice dude.

Not so long ago we reported on Rodrigo Alves, the human Ken doll, who was having all sorts of medical complications following his extensive cosmetic surgery.

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Following his latest hospital trip, which saw him suffering from a flesh-eating infection that nearly destroyed his face, Rodrigo has finally decided to quit surgery once and for all. And it only took him 43 procedures and a near-death experience to get there.

mein neues Spielzeug hergestellt in #Deutschland zu meiner Ehre Liebe danken Ihnen #MATEL #Puppe #rtl

A photo posted by Rodrigo Alves (@rodrigoalvesuk) on Jun 22, 2016 at 6:37pm PDT

So far Rodrigo has spent £350,000 of his own money to look like Barbie’s boyfriend Ken and since the infection incident, he’s had to shell out £1million to insure his body.

And after having to pay £40,000 for emergency treatment on his nose, he has finally drawn the line – no more surgery:

I just don’t want to put myself through aggressive treatments any more.

Rodrigo Alves

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Having said that, he’s still going to stick to his rigorous weight-loss regime, and is going to undergo minor treatments such as hair implants and fat-freezing sessions. So the whole beauty addiction certainly hasn’t been curbed, just the extreme surgeries.

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