It seems like everyone knew about Frankie Cocozza’s departure from X Factor yesterday in a matter of minutes. Everyone except Kelly Rowland that is.

Everyone heard yesterday that Frankie Cocozza left the X Factor becuase he had been snorting too much coke, banging too many babes and generally just partying too much and not being very good at singing. And when he did sing just singing crap versions of crap Ed Sheeran songs. I thought about maybe writing something on Sick Chirpse about it yesterday but it seemed like everyone knew about Frankie Cocozza’s exit instantaneously thanks to twitter or Facebook or whatever. Frankie Cokeupdanozza was even trending on twitter yesterday, so you know, I figured everyone had heard about it.

Of course, I was completely wrong as Kelly Rowland herself somehow managed to avoid hearing about the news of Frankie Cocozza’s premature departure from the X Factor. Here she is, being interviewed by some clueless white woman who is obviously kind of star struck.

Her reaction to the news that Frankie Cocozaa is gone from the X Factor is pretty classic. It’s almost as if the video has frozen – Kelly Rowland’s face doesn’t move for so long that you might even suspect the video of crashing or something. She was probably racking her brain thinking ‘Which one is Frankie Cocozza?’

And then when she finally realises, all you get from Kelly Rowland is a very slow and deliberate ‘what?’ Then we get the dumb presenter apologising about seventy times and someone off camera apologising even more, saying something like ‘we’ve been in this room all day, and Ellen isn’t here so we haven’t had anything through.’ Kelly Rowland seems pretty annoyed and kind of embarrassed that she didn’t know, but at least her reaction after that – saying Frankie Cocozza is a poor kid – is somewhat more human and less celebrity than you might have expected from such a superstar.

It’s a classic reaction sequence and one that is destined to blow up on YouTube over the next day or so. It’s pretty awesome that the general public even got to see it. Even Kelly Rowland knows it was a terrible reaction as she puts her hand up to cover her face from the camera. It was a bit too late for that though, as she had already been sitting there for what seemed like hours completely stunned. Check it out below:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QFCiDSiFoiI’]


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