Keith Chegwin Predicted His Own Death In Creepy Final Interview

Keith Chegwin

This is kind of weird.

You’ve probably already heard the news today that much loved television presenter Keith Chegwin sadly passed away earlier today after a long battle with progressive lung condition, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. He passed away around midnight last night peacefully in his home, surrounded by his family. RIP.

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Whilst it’s inevitably sad that we have to report this news, one strange element of Chegwin’s death has recently been highlighted, in that he seems to have predicted it in his last known interview. Speaking to OK Magazine back in May 2016, he said the following:


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[I’m] worried after all the celebrities like Bowie, Prince and George Michael passed away this year.

I’m having a panic attack as we talk. It could be me that’s next.

But there won’t be any long compilation film on the news I promise you that.

It will be in Pig Breeders Weekly you’ll hear about it.

Ever the king of self depreciation, but pretty much every major news outlet has covered it today so I guess he got that wrong. Kinda weird how he almost called it too, although a whole bunch of celebrities have died in the meantime so he wasn’t exactly right. Just a joker to the end I guess. RIP.

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