Keep The Summer Vibe Flowing With Nudist’s ‘It’s About You’

Nudist has uploaded a new track to Soundcloud, take a listen here.

It’s getting to that time of the year where you walk out to your car to find it covered in a thin layer of ice. Your summer festivals are slowly turning into distant memories, and the pub garden becomes a place only ventured for the quickest of smokes. Fear not though, for some producers are keeping summer very much alive, such as Nudist with his new cut ‘It’s About You’.

Nudist’s catalogue of releases is quite impressive, featuring on labels such as Mad Decent, Brownswood, Sony and Roska’s Kicks & Snares. Many of his tracks have received support from influential names such as Carl Cox, Roska, Monki and more and there is good reason behind that.

Nudist’s latest track ‘It’s About You’ is a bouncing track, with a skipping 2-step groove accompanied by a meticulously put together drum pattern; whilst a simple yet very well worked piano chord provides a nice melody to nod your head too. It’s a House/Garage fusion that perfectly compliments itself. Big look from Nudist.


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