Katy Perry’s Bra Deemed Too Dangerous And Subsequently Banned

Katy Perry Peppermint Bra Featured

Who knew that a bra could be so dangerous?

Katy Perry Peppermint Bra Featured

I haven’t ever wondered if a bra could be termed dangerous or not but I found out today that it actually could be, and that it was subsequently banned. In even better news, it also turned out to belong to Katy Perry so it means I can talk about her norks for a bit and post a couple of pictures of her in said bra. Pretty awesome right?

Anyway yeah, it’s well known that celebrities and insurance can be pretty ridiculous – you know like when Jeniffer Lopez insured her body for $1 billion? – and this is kind of up there like that. Katy Perry has this famous spinning peppermint bra with a peppermint on her tits that spins around when she’s singing. It’s in a couple of music videos or whatever, but it turns out that she also likes performing live in it, which is pretty awesome and/or sexy but probably ensures that every male in the crowd is probably just staring at her tits rather than actually listening to her sing or boogying or whatever you’re supposed to do at a Katy Perry concert. But yeah she has great breasts so they would probably be a focal part even without her famous peppermint bra anyhow, and live pop music is all about aesthetic anyway so it makes sense for her to perform in it sure.

However, her insurers apparently aren’t happy about it because this one time (at band camp) her hair got caught in the spinning peppermint and she couldn’t get it out during the song and it kept coiling around and around and bringing her face closer to her tit. By the end of the song it looked as if she was singing into her boobs, which sounds kind of hot. Unfortunately there aren’t any fvcking pictures from this though which is pretty annoying. Anyway, realistically speaking something like that could possibly break her neck or something or at least injure her, and you know if she can’t perform live because of a dumb injury like that then her insurance company is gonna have to pay out millions and millions of dollars in refunded ticket sales, so they’ve put the foot down. No more spinning peppermint bra. Major bummer. Still, here are a couple of pictures of her wearing it. Gone but not forgotten.

Katy Perry Peppermint Bra 2

Katy Perry Peppermint Bra 1


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