Kate Beckinsale Finally Dumps Her 23-Year-Old Emo Boyfriend

That’s one fewer man between Kate Beckinsale and the rest of us.

Back in April, we wrote about the luckiest 22-year-old emo in the world, Canadian rapper Goody Grace, who had started dating 47-year-old super MILF Kate Beckinsale.

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Well just as I predicted in that original article, it didn’t last very long (not that this gives me any pleasure to report). As reported by ET Canada:

Kate Beckinsale’s whirlwind romance with Goody Grace could be over.

While neither the actress, 47, nor the Canadian rapper, 23, have confirmed or denied their split, Beckinsale’s recent Instagram activity hints at a breakup.

First, the stunner unfollowed Grace on the platform and then deleted her comment reading “I love you” underneath a post for his birthday in June.

Meanwhile, Grace has left all traces of Beckinsale visible on his own page, including the post he made for her birthday.


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happy birthday @katebeckinsale i love you 🖤∞

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Welp, don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. That would be my advice to Goody Grace right now. I mean we all knew it was never gonna last very long, especially since Kate Beckinsale appears to be on a mission to run through as much young cock as possible while she still looks amazing. So I hope Goody Grace got his fill of Kate Beckinsale and vice versa. Just a shame for him that it’s all downhill from here.

Kate has already been busy batting off trolls who are telling her she needs a new man:

On the bright side, there is now one fewer man standing between Kate Beckinsale and the rest of us. Do you reckon she’s into 30 year old bloggers? Meh, probably not. If only I was a 23-year-old guitar-playing emo stoner with perfect bone structure and jet black hair like Goody Grace. Some people have all the luck.


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