Kasabian Call Everyone In London ‘C*nts’ While Performing In Glasgow

Kasabian London Cunts

Kasabian have taken a cheap shot at Southerners by calling them ‘c*nts’ while performing in Glasgow.

Kasabian have ‘accidentally’ called everyone in London a cunt by having the message you can see above us broadcast onto their backdrop during a gig in Glasgow. I put accidentally in inverted commas because if you think about it that’s the exact kind of message that would get a cheap pop from the Glasgow crowd when it appeared. Thanks to social media though it obviously spread like wildfire and so Kasabian had to issue a lame statement saying it was a mistake so as not to piss off their London fan base, especially as they’re about to start a five month residency there on December 1st. Here’s what they had to say:

We were as shocked as anyone else. The production team fucked up. There were supposed to be photos of mundane objects in that section but instead I turned around in the middle of ‘Clouds’ and couldn’t believe my eyes. We were all shocked and certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone.

Hmm. Sounds believable right? Bullshit.


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