Kim Kardashian Leaks Track List For New Kanye West Album ‘Jesus Is King’

It’s coming September 27th.

The new Kanye West album tracklist was teased/leaked this week alongside the album release date when Kim Kardashian shared this picture on Twitter:

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In case you can’t see that, the proposed ‘Jesus Is King’ album release date is September 27th and the track list look as follows:

– Glade

– Garden

– Selah

– God Is

– Baptised

– Sierra Canyon

– Hands On

– Wake The Dead

– Water

– Through The Valley

– Sunday

– Sweet Jesus

Are you sensing a theme there? Definitely looks heavy on the religious front which could go either way really but knowing Kanye there will definitely be some banging beats at the very least. Maybe even a cameo verse from God himself?

Can’t rule it out, especially in a world where Danny McBride can play Kanye West in the story of his life.


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