Kanye West Has Been Completely Rinsed For His New Neck Tattoo


Before Donald Trump ascended to the Presidency, Kanye West used to be the most entertaining person on Twitter (as if that’s even a sentence I actually typed, 2018 huh?) and the social media platform has been lesser since his departure a couple of years ago because it was ‘getting him into too much trouble’.

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In fairness it does seem like Kanye has been doing way less stupid things since he deleted Twitter, but like so many things in this life there was just no way that he was staying away from it. Kanye started tweeting again this week and most of it is nonsense as usual, but he’s been completely rinsed about one of his tweets in particular and with good reason.

Check this out:

Ok that looks like a pretty crappy neck tattoo under the best of circumstances, but it gets even funnier after one Twitter user named Oatmilk discovered that the font that Kanye’s friend had dreamed up for his neck tattoo design was just a remade font from word or something:

Swell graphic designer/tattooist/artist friends you got there Kanye. Hopefully he actually gets that neck tattoo so we can laugh at him even more, although the guy is so deluded he’s not gonna care and probably just tweet about how it’s the most awesome thing ever every day. You can’t win.

For more bad neck tattoos, check out some of the worst ones we’ve ever seen right here. Awful.


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