Kamala Harris Mocked For Saying Tupac Is The “Best Rapper Alive”


Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris is being roundly mocked after claiming Tupac is the “best rapper alive” in response to a question about her music tastes at the NAACP’s virtual convention on the weekend.

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When corrected, she couldn’t think any other current rapper to name instead, and so asked the moderator to go to the next question. Pretty awkward:

So either Kamala Harris, one of the most powerful people in Califonia, has accidentally let slip that Tupac is alive, or… she doesn’t know anything about rap music?

The most brutal part is that this isn’t the first time Senator Harris has been caught in a lie when trying to show off her knowledge of rap music. During a 2019 interview on the Breakfast Club, she told the hosts she had smoked weed during her college years.  She was then asked what kind of music she would listen to while getting high. Her answer? “Definitely Snoop Dogg, uh-huh. 2Pac for sure,” she said, before naming Cardi B as one of her current favorite artists.

Social media users immediately pointed out that both Snoop and Pac made their debuts years after Harris had left college. Whoops!

Just goes to show the cringey pandering that politicians do in order to give people what they think they want to hear. Pretending that you used to get high at uni and listen to Snoop & Tupac years before they even released any music? Ooof. At least research your own bullshit so that you can come up with something halfway plausible. Probably would have been better off pretending she still gets blunted and listens to Snoop & Tupac now.

Weirdly enough this is a politician who has jailed hundreds of people on weed charges but has recently come out as pro marijuana. Here’s a clip of the time Tulsi Gabbard brutally called her out on this during the Democratic debates last year:

Ruthless stuff. Why didn’t the Dems choose Tulsi as their Presidential candidate again? That’s a force Trump would’ve really had to reckon with right there.

To meet the white guy named Tupac Shakur arrested for assaulting police in Tennessee, click HERE. See? Told ya he was alive.


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