Justin Bieber wears a t-shirt of an old celebrity. The world goes crazy.

This isn’t really news, but then I suppose everything that I’ve ever posted on this site about Justin Bieber can’t really be classified as news (except maybe when he got a haircut, that was pretty big) but I haven’t mentioned him in a while and I figured the Beliebers might be getting restless, and as I did that piece on Saved By The Bell this story kind of tied in thematically with the whole Sick Chirpse ethos. Or something.

In any case, Justin Bieber again sent the internet and his thousand of Beliebers into a frenzy on Monday at the Much Music awards when he wore what was allegedly a $24 t shirt from Urban Outfitters that depicted an image of Saved By The Bell icon Kelly Kapowski looking sexy on it (and let’s be serious she does pretty banging in it). This immediately led the internet to ask a bunch of stupid questions such as ‘How does Justin Bieber know who Kelly Kapowski is?,’ ‘How does Justin Bieber know what Saved By The Bell is?’ ‘Do they still show reruns of Saved By The Bell?’ ‘ Now that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up does this mean he’s dating Kelly Kapowski?’ ‘Is Kelly Kapowski a real person or is that just Tiffani-Amber Thiessen’s stage name?’ ‘Why the hell is Justin Bieber wearing a t shirt that cost $24?’ ‘Why the hell is Justin Bieber shopping at Urban Outfitters? That place is so bait’ ‘Why is Justin Bieber wearing a blazer over a t-shirt? That look is so 80’s’ ‘When is Justin Bieber going to get his old hairstyle back?’ ETC ETC. Justin Bieber fever. Again. Here’s some pictures of him walking around in the Kelly Kapowski t shirt. Definitely worthy of the reaction

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