Is Justin Bieber About To Start His Own Church?

Justin Bieber

The Beliebers.

Most of you will not be aware of the news that Justin Bieber has cancelled his world ‘Purpose’ tour months before it was due to end. Because honestly, why would you know that?

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However, there is a rather interesting albeit devastating spin to this news in that some sources claim that Bieber may have put a stop to the remainder of his tour in order to focus on starting his own church. I really hope that this turns out to be a rumour, because the last thing we need is this dickcheese going all spiritual on us.

Bieber actually said on his social media accounts that he was finished early due to exhaustion from being on the road. However, celebrity reporter Richard Wilkins told Today Extra:

Justin Bieber

I am led to believe that the real reason he has come off the road is because he wants to reconnect with his faith and he may be even planning to start his own church.

We know that he was in the country (Australia) a few weeks ago having meetings and attending the big Hillsong Church convention that they had here.

[He’s] very close to a lot of the Hillsong people. Whether he’s looking at teaming up with them in something of a more permanent situation or doing some sort of religious activity on his own – starting his own church – we’re not quite sure, but that’s the word from an inside source.

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Obviously this is all just speculation, but the way this guy has handled himself during his rise to fame, it wouldn’t surprise me if he even went and started his own religion. And do you know what’s worse about that fact? He’d probably end up with a larger following than most mainstream religions. Just imagine how annoying those congregations would be. Hopefully this is all just a rumour and Bieber isn’t about to become the next L. Ron Hubbard.

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