Justin Bieber Is A Stoner

Justin Bieber Stoner

The pictures that one man lost his life trying to obtain have finally been released. Justin Bieber is at a party smoking a blunt.

Justin Bieber Stoner

OMG! Apparently it’s been rumoured for a while that Justin Bieber is a stoner, and that paprazzi guy who died the other day trying to get pictures of him was following him around and taking pictures of him to try and prove this. I don’t really know if that’s true or not because I only really care about Justin Bieber when he does something stupid but it sounds legit to me. Anyway, that photographer must be turning in his grave because less than a couple of days after it had happened someone else managed to snap a picture of Justin Bieber smoking a blunt and sold it to TMZ for probably around a million dollars or something. Way to go killer!

This pretty much confirms that Justin Bieber is a stoner. In case you didn’t know, in the states a blunt isn’t like a blunt over here i.e. a joint that doesn’t have any tobacco in and is just weed because over in America everyone just smokes straight weed anyway – which is obviously really weird – and a blunt is like a cigar paper that everyone puts weed in and smokes and it goes on for ages and gets you super baked. It’s gross because you just get way too baked that you can’t even do anything, but I guess over there they get used to it because they’re smoking straight weed all the time anyway. I am totally not about that though, no way. In any case though, pretty much the only way that anyone would be smoking a blunt is because they’re getting high. So yeah, looks like Justin Bieber is a stoner, alongside other cool celebrities potheads like Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Awesome. Let’s hope it doesn’t ruin his voice though.

You can check out the pictures below and also check out Justin Bieber’s lame response  to the photographs on twitter below. It’s probably the lamest tweet in the history of forever as he doesn’t actually say anything in it and just posts some crap about touring. I don’t even know why he’s upset about it, if anything the fact that he’s smoking weed makes him almost kinda cool rather than the little dipstick everyone thinks he is at the moment.

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Justin Bieber Blunt 1

Justin Bieber Blunt 3

Justin Bieber Blunt Twitter Response


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