On a day when Colonel Gaddafi uses fighter planes to attack his own people, the top news story is some 17 year old kid who looks like a lesbian getting a haircut

Unbelievable scenes today for Beliebers all over the world when their idol Justin ditched his signature swoop hairstyle and unveiled a new do, which has been described as ‘mature. ‘ Justin himself confirmed the news in a tweet, stating that “Yeah so it’s true…i got a lil haircut…i like it.” Here’s a pic (OMG!!):

It’s possible that this hairstyle makes him look even more like a lesbian than he did before. The haircut was performed by his normal hairdresser Vanessa (yes, his normal hairdresser in case anyone got worried somebody other than his normal hairdresser performed the procedure) on the set of his new music video, which features some band I have never heard of called Rascal Flatts. They are probably a huge deal though. Here’s a picture of Justin Bieber (with his new hair!!!) and the bass player Jay DeMarcus:

Later, on in a stunt reminiscent of something one of my form teachers did at school, Justin revealed that he was giving all the hair to charity and that it would probably be auctioned off somehow. That’s kind of creepy right? I fully expect that Bieber’s locks will fetch a lot more than Mr Barable’s though.

Justin also explained his reasons for the haircut: ‘”I just wanted kind of a change,” he said. “I didn’t want to cut it all off. I’ve had it for 3 ½ years. I just got sick of it. It was in my eyes and I just wanted it out of my face.” Either that or he wanted to divert some of the death threats his girlfriend had been receiving over to him.

Unfortunately, the reaction among fans has not been wholly supportive of his new look, as a quick glance at twitter can tell us:

@naterlee: Ewww Justin Bieber’s new hair cut is ugly, he looks like a vampire lmaoo

@JDBSSupportcrew: BIEBER ALERT more than 80000 people unfollowed Justin yesterday because he got a haircut.

@bethgaskarth‎ Everytime I look at that picture of Justin Bieber’s new haircut I proper belly laugh. He looks so fricking weird.

@NickjonassexI just choked. Anyone else see Justin Bieber’s new hair cut? He looks like a cross dressing girl. x.x His hair was better before.

There were obviously those fans who were thrilled with the results though:

@Bieberheartx Guys,Justin Bieber Hasn’t Change.Just Because He Has A New Haircut It Doesn’t Mean He Changed.I Love Him No Matter What And I Always Will 🙂

@omj_meli I like Justin Bieber’s new haircut, it makes him look older.

@Biebersangels29 I think Justin Bieber’s new haircut is HOT!! some people are freaking out, but I think it’s adorable!

Justin isn’t worried about any possible negative reactions towards his haircut though, stating that ‘My fans will get used to it. It’s not that crazy.’ Let’s hope so.


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