Justin Bieber Changes Name To ‘Bizzle’, Lethal Bizzle Not Happy

Lethal B isn’t best pleased after learning that Justin Bieber now wants to be known as ‘Bizzle’.

Justin Bieber is testing the waters with new moniker ‘Bizzle’, attracting the ire of the original Bizzle (hasn’t he heard of him?) — Lethal B.

Bieber’s name change could be influenced by the fact he’s been hanging out with loads of hard rappers recently, including P Diddy – the king of name changes:

Not to mention his screwface has been looking more menacing than ever:

Definitely think ‘Bizzle’ when you see that mean mug and not ‘Justin Bieber’, right?

So what happens if Bieber refuses to change the name? Do we have some beef on?

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