Just Eat Driver Eats Customer’s Order, Licks Fingers, Delivers What’s Left


Now that’s service.

A woman named Leah Knight and her partner Reece Tyler have said that a Just Eat delivery guy sat outside their home and picked at their food before handing them the remains.

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The couple ordered two waffles earlier this week from Just Desserts. However, instead of receiving the delivery they had expected, they spotted the driver tucking into their food outside their home in Kent.

Leah Reece

When Reece confronted the delivery guy, who was also seen licking his fingers whilst eating their waffles, he started shouting. Reece said:

We ordered and paid for a Kinder Bueno waffle and a fudge brownie.

We heard a car pull up outside but it was just a man in his car eating and drinking.

I saw him take a box from the the passenger side, open the box, eat the food and lick his fingers. It was three or four times.

Leah added that when the driver finally came to the door, he had been about ten minutes:

No one got out. He was sat in the car. It took about ten minutes to bring it to the door.

My partner went to his window. There was no box or bag there. Parts of our waffles were missing.


Amazingly, after complaining to the shop, Just Desserts rejected the claims and has refused to hand the couple a refund.


No holding back on that comment. The shop later apologised for calling the couple “rude and disgusting liars” – well that’s something – and Just Eat has refunded them their £15.50, including the £3 delivery charge (I’m not even going to go into why the hell anyone would spend 15 quid on a couple of cakes on a Monday night no less).

Ismail Yalcin, owner of Just Desserts, said:

We always give food to our drivers so it’s impossible that they could eat customers’ food.

We are sorry we put that comment because these people are messing around.

It’s not fair to our business and our customers.

Wow, looks like this guy is not going down without a fight. So the question is – who is telling the truth? It would be in the couple’s interest to lie perhaps just to get a refund on the food, but at the same time, why go to all this effort and make up such an elaborate lie for the sake of £15? It doesn’t add up. Also, it must be tough being a delivery guy sometimes – perhaps he just saw that Kinder Bueno waffle and couldn’t resist. Can you blame him?

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