VIDEO: People Trying To Jump As High As Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Header

If you’ve seen on of Ronaldo’s towering headers then you’ll know that he’s a boss, but watching other people try and jump as high as him really puts it into perspective.

If you’ve ever seen on of Cristiano Ronaldo’s headers – and chances are you might have, because he’s scored a fair few of them – then you may have noticed how he jumps obscenely high when he connects with the ball, yet still has the skill and technique to head it exactly where he wants, which is usually the back of the net.

Just watching that is fairly phenomenal, but this video of people trying to jump as high as he does when he’s scored some of his headers puts it into even more perspective. Basically nobody can get even anywhere near the ball because it’s so high up. Sure, they might not all be as tall as Ronaldo, but the fact that literally not one of them gets anywhere near it more than illustrates just what a complete and utter sickhead the guy is. Respect.

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