Judge Screams ‘I Hope You Die In Prison’ At Defendant For Doing The Unthinkable To Disabled Lover


No holding back.

Courtroom footage has emerged of a judge unleashing a vocal attack at a convicted killer during her sentencing.

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Judge John McBain lost his cool when sentencing murderer Camia Gamet, saying:

If this was a death penalty state, you’d be getting the chair.

This is quite unusual behaviour for a judge, who is typically meant to rise above the emotions felt about a person’s crimes. Gamet was on trial for the murder of her disabled boyfriend in their apartment, which McBain said was amongst the worst “cold-blooded murders” he had ever seen.

38-year-old Marcel Hill was beaten and stabbed to death with a fillet knife 11 times. He also sustained injuries from other objects including a frying pan, lamp and table. However, it was Gamet’s lack of respect and attitude in court that caused McBain to snap – she was allegedly rolling her eyes and laughing at the victim’s family members.

The jury has convicted Gamet of first degree murder and she was given life in prison without the possibility of parole. At least justice has been served and the victims can attempt to move on with their lives. RIP to Marcel Hill.

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