The Judge Who Recognised The Guy She Was Sentencing From School Turned Up When He Was Released

Judge Reunited Guy From Dock


Remember this video that went viral last year? It showed a judge who remembered the guy in her dock from the fact that they both went to middle school together.

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It was an emotional video as Judge Mindy Glazer came face-to-face with Arthur Bloom when she was sentencing him for burglary and he broke down into tears. Nevertheless, Glazer did her duty and sentenced him to ten months for his crime.

However, she was also there to greet him when he emerged from prison a couple of days ago, and again it’s all kind of emotional:

Let’s hope that the emotional support provided by Judge Glazer is enough to get Bloom on the straight and narrow. It’s great to see her actually take the time out to greet Bloom on his exit from jail and it might be enough of an inspiration to help him turn his life around. He certainly sounded confident and we can only hope it works out for him.

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