Journalist Who Interviewed Jeffrey Dahmer Explains Why He Ate His Victims



Jeffrey Dahmer and his horrific crimes are firmly in the spotlight after Netflix’s new series became one of the most watched ever following its premiere a couple of weeks ago, so naturally more and more people are curious about the details that the show didn’t talk about.

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Thankfully, journalist Nancy Glass is here to help us with some of those questions. Glass famously interviewed Dahmer when he was behind bars in 1993 and went on Australian radio show ‘The Kyle and Jackie O Show’ to talk about what she learned about him during those encounters.

Here’s what she had to say about it:

He said he chose to eat them because he wanted them to be part of him.

He was so desperate, so desperately lonely, so ashamed of being gay.

In his mind, if he ate them they would be a part of him forever.

The super scary part [was] he seemed perfectly normal. That’s terrifying.

It was odd. I mean, you can hear the way he’s talking to me is very thoughtful. He contemplated, but he’s a psychopath.

He says to me, ‘I’m sorry for what I did.’ But he’s a psychopath. He doesn’t even know what those words mean.

I did ask him are you gonna go to heaven or hell? And he said, ‘Well, that’s a good question’.

He wanted to die. He stayed up all night and he slept all day because he couldn’t do his passions.

So he really wanted to die.

And he aggravated every other inmate until somebody [fellow prisoner Christopher Scarver] finally killed him.

Geez. I gotta admit that I haven’t made it around to watching Dahmer yet but details like that just make the whole case even more horrific and gross and leaves me questioning if I even want to watch the show. Everyone’s talking about it so I suppose I’ll get round to it eventually.

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