Teenager Who Threw Boy, 6, Off 10th Floor Of Tate Modern Has Been Named

His name is Jonty.

Back in August, we heard how a man had picked up a French tourist’s 6-year-old son and launched him off the 10th floor of the Tate Modern in London, leaving the child with horrific life-changing injuries and nearly killing him.

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Well a reporting restriction on the man’s name has now been lifted as he turns 18 this week.

Jonty Bravery, from west London, is accused of attempted murder. As per Metro, no further details from the hearing can be disclosed but the good news is that the victim is ‘making progress’.

His family said in a statement this week on their GoFundMe page, which has now raised over £100,000 for the boy’s medical care:

Our little boy doesn’t know anymore how to speak, to eat or to move his body.

We see his efforts. We believe with all our heart that he will find the way, from his head, to do everything again.

He is very brave. He keeps on smiling and reacting to our jokes.

We begin to see also, unfortunately, his suffering.

We have to be strong for our little boy.

I know they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes someone shows you a picture of a man accused of throwing a 6-year-old stranger off the 10th floor of a London tourist attraction and you just think “yup”. I mean this guy looks a few washing machines short of a launderette doesn’t he?

Sounds like this poor French kid was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when Jonty Bravery lost his marbles. No sympathy for this fool even if he clearly isn’t the full shilling. Put him away and let’s see if someone somewhere can hack into that brain of his and give him the help he needs.

For more psycho behaviour, get a load of this murderer in court doing his best to get sent to a mental institution rather than prison. Pure nightmare fuel.


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