Teen Who Threw 6-Year-Old Off Tate Modern Accused Of Raping Inmate In Prison Shower

Jesus H Christ.

Back in August 2019, a teenager picked up a French tourist’s 6-year-old son and launched him off the 10th floor of the Tate Modern in London, leaving the child with horrific life-changing injuries and nearly killing him.

19-year-old Jonty Bravery, who has autism and obsessive compulsive disorder, spent more than 15 minutes stalking potential victims at the tourist attraction before fixing on a young boy who had briefly left his parents’ side. He ‘scooped (the victim) up and, without any hesitation, carried him straight to the railings and threw him over’.

Jonty Bravery was given a life sentence of ‘at least 15 years’ for attempted murder, with the judge telling him “you may never be released.” Well Jonty was already on course to fulfill that prophecy after attacking a female staff member at Broadmoor last December. He has now also been accused of raping a fellow inmate in the prison showers at HMP Belmarsh, in an incident said to have taken place last Tuesday.

Bravery’s alleged victim, aged in his 30s, told another inmate about the accusation before they passed them on to prison authorities. The victim has been seen by specialist medical staff who came to the London jail.

A source told the Mirror:

Cops from Scotland Yard went into the prison on Thursday and arrested Jonty. He was quizzed for hours.

A Prison Service spokesperson added:

A prisoner at HMP Belmarsh has been arrested following an allegation of rape.

We are working closely with the police as they continue their investigation and it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.

There is some good news relating to the Tate modern incident – Jonty’s victim, now 7 years old, has started to walk again with the help of a cane.

With any luck, Jonty Bravery won’t be put in any position to harm another human being ever again. I’m not sure how you’re supposed to help someone who such a severe personality disorder and unstoppable desire to cause suffering to others, but the least the people who are responsible for him now can do is assure he doesn’t get to indulge in that sort of behaviour.

I mean just look at the state of this guy:

Looks like one of the most miserable bastards to ever exist. I still can’t imagine how his poor victim’s family kept themselves from killing the guy at the Tate Modern. I mean imagine being on holiday and some lunatic throws your kid off a roof? A happy family vacation turned into a living nightmare in a matter of seconds. Let’s hope the young lad continues his road to recovery and that his alleged rape victim is getting the help he needs also.

For more psychotic behaviour, get a load of this murderer in court doing his best to get sent to a mental institution rather than prison. Pure nightmare fuel.


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