Jone Samuelson scores the longest header ever.

Jone Samuelson header: Here at Sick Chirpse I always try and bring you videos of awesome goals that I’ve seen that you might have missed – like the Matias Urbano robana and the Dejan Stankovic fifty yard volley for example – and I’ve stumbled across another quite phenomenal effort from Jone Samuelson. I’ve never seen anything like this one before, as Jone Samuelson manages to score a header from his own half. That’s like heading a ball over fifty yards or something – pretty phenomenal.  Actually turns out the actual distance of Jone Samuelson’s goal was fifty seven metres. Insane.

I’ve never seen a header like Jone Samuelson’s before. I remember Martin Palermo scored a similar goal from about thirty yards out, but this is a fifty yard header (at least) from his own half which is just crazy. Jone Samuelson plays for Odd Grenland over in Norway and this match was between Odd Grenland and  Tromso on Sunday evening. It was 2-1 in the dying stages of the match and Tromso sent up everyone they could muster for a corner, including their goalkeeper. Unfortunately this attack came to nothing and Odd Grenland managed to clear the ball upfield where a Tromso defender could only meekly head it back into the opposition half where Jone Samuelson was lurking.

Unfortunately for Tromso the clearance was straight at the head of Jone Samuelson who must have heading accuracy and heading power 99 on his stats on FIFA or something. Even though the ball was travelling quite fast Jone Samuelson manages to connect with it at full speed and power it towards the opposition goal. Sure, there isn’t anyone there to stop it and it has to bounce and roll into the goal, and Jone Samuelson was fairly central when he headed it, but it’s still pretty impressive.

So impressive in fact that Jone Samuelson seems to be headed for a Guinness World Record as Odd Grenland are planning on submitting the fifty yard header to the relevant authorities. Jone Samuelson himself has been more laid back about the goal stating that “I could say that I was trying to score, but that would not be true. It was a punt, in fact, and I didn’t see that the ball was going into the goal or that the Tromsoe goalkeeper was not there.”

That makes Jone Samuelson a lot lesser cooler. If I had scored that I would have definitely told everyone I meant to do it. If I was Jone Samuelson I would at least say I’d been working on my neck muscles in the gym or something. Anyway, check out the Jone Samuelson fifty yard header below:


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