Jon Rahm Hits The Best Hole In One You’ll Ever See By Skipping The Ball On Water

Oh my.

There’s no denying that pretty much every time you see a hole in one in regular golf that it’s an absolutely incredible achievement from the golfer because it’s almost completely impossible and you know that they’re actually that good that they meant to do it, but this shot from Spaniard Jon Rahm is really something else in a field where excellence is pretty much universal.

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Apparently it’s a great tradition at the Masters – coming up this weekend – that golfers attempt to skip their tee shots off the water on the 16th hole during their practice round, with some killing it and others really embarrassing themselves. This time Jon Rahm hit a shot that will long live in the memory of anyone who ever sees it –  take a look at this:

Wow. Now I’m no golfer but I gotta think that that has never really happened in the history of the sport before because everyone would have creamed over it and it would have definitely gone viral. It’s absolutely insane that he’s managed to do that, isn’t it?

It’s kind of a shame that Rahm managed to hit it when there weren’t any fans present because everyone would have gone absolutely wild for that shot if they had been there. And by absolutely wild I mean do that polite golf clap that they do but maybe a little bit longer. Still pretty special though.

Also kind of a shame that it was only a practice shot, but I doubt that any golfer would have the balls to attempt a shot like that during an actual round, even if they had managed to hit it before in practice. Hopefully Rahm proves me wrong over the weekend.

For more of the same, check out this one that we once called the most insane golf trick shot of all time. Might have to change that after Jon Rahm’s effort though.


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