Johnny Depp Is Claiming That Amber Heard Is Using ‘Fake Photographs’ To Aid Her Abuse Claims

This saga is getting uglier and uglier.

The whole beef between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard seems to be taking on a whole new level of craziness over the initial claims of Depp abusing her, as now Depp is claiming that he has loads of footage of his attacking her and is also stating that she faked photographs to make him look like the abuser.

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Depp is currently in the process of suing her for defamation in a lawsuit to the tune of $50 million and more and more weird details keep coming out about their relationship and what was going on during it. Firstly, Depp claimed that he had 87 hours of security footage of her beating him up which sounds completely unrealistic and downright weird, and now his lawyer Adam Waldman has come out and said that Heard straight up faked some of the photographs that she presented as evidence that he was assaulting her.

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Waldman said the following:

Ms. Heard dutifully but fraudulently produced pictures, with no metadata, to the Court purporting to show a ‘destroyed’ penthouse so she could obtain her temporary restraining order.

The lack of metadata means that the date of when they were taken can not be confirmed.

I guess that’s true but I don’t know enough about metadata to know if Heard would have done that deliberately or if it was just an accident? I guess it doesn’t look that good for her and Waldman sounds like a real Johnny Cochrane character for bringing it up, but I guess it could be a sticking point in this trial.

No real idea where this crazy story is going to turn but one thing seems to be for sure – the pair had an absolutely terrible toxic relationship. Don’t really wanna condemn either of them until more facts are out, but it does basically right now sound like a case of which one was more awful than the other. Looking forward to the trial I guess.

For more of the same, check out all the things that they’ve been saying about each other right here. Really messed up.


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