Johnny Depp Begs Amber Heard To Cut Him In Court Audio Recording



We’re into the third week of the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard defamation case and it looks as if it’s going to be another one filled with bizarre revelations, starting off with this weird audio tape that Johnny Depp decided to play where he begs Amber Heard to cut him and take his blood because she’s taken everything else.

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Depp made the recording two months after Heard had started divorce proceedings and made the claim that he had been abusing her during their relationship. She apparently summoned him to San Francisco at this point and he wasn’t sure why and thought it prudent that he record the conversation.

Here’s how it played out (the recording was actually played as the last thing on Thursday) and then Depp’s testimony from yesterday about it underneath that too. You probably wanna skip t around 4 minutes in this video below to get to it, although be warned it is kinda grim and disturbing:

I was quite confused I’d been summoned to her at that point since all the news was about the fact I’d allegedly done all these horrible things.

I met with her in the hope she would retract her lies that the world was now fed, had been fed. In no way was she ready to do that. I couldn’t understand why I was there.

Everything had been taken from me. My children couldn’t escape the fact all this had gone down.

I thought Miss Heard had brought me to San Francisco, it was clear, under false pretences. I don’t know what she was after.

I had a knife in my pocket. I took the knife out and said ‘here, cut me’.

That’s what you want to do. You’ve taken everything, you want my blood, take it.

She said ‘no no’. [I said] ‘If you’re not going to take it, that’s all I’ve got left’. If she wasn’t going to do it, I would have done it. I was at the end. I was broken.

The only answer was here, cut me, that’s all I have left to give you. There was no threat to Miss Heard, it was about spilling my blood, it was the only thing she didn’t have.

I was broken and really at the end.

Wow. That is pretty grim and disgusting and does really paint a picture of how defeated Depp was by the end of their relationship. Again, I’ve always said it sounded like Heard wasn’t exactly innocent in all of this, but I’m not sure if legally that provides Depp with an excuse for beating her up a bunch of times which is what this case is about.

Fairly sure that it doesn’t, but we’re gonna get another couple of weeks of the most intimate moments in their fucked up relationship before a verdict is finally reached. Let the rubbernecking continue.

For more of the same, here are some of the strangest moments from the trial so far. They really are going all in on one another.



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