Johnny Depp Has Lost His Libel Trial Against The Sun After They Called Him A Wife Beater

Big news.

Like a lot of things that happened this year, Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against The Sun seems like it was an awful long time ago, but Judge Justice Nicol finally lay down his judgment against the Hollywood actor and the British newspaper, ruling in favour of The Sun.

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In case you forgot, the case hinged on whether or not The Sun had enough evidence to categorically describe Depp as a wife beater and Judge Nicole determined that they did indeed after looking at the 14 incidents that Heard accused Depp of domestic violence in. Here’s exactly what he said in his judgment, which was just released onto the internet – although the website has crashed so it’s pretty hard to get on to it. The guy I’m tweet quoting though was one of the main guys covering the trial so I’m pretty sure that he’s going to be sharing the most accurate information:

Wow. I really didn’t think that The Sun were going to win this one because most of the coverage of the trial seemed to paint both Heard and Depp as absolute crazy awful people that were both as bad as each other. I guess the big trial is Depp vs Heard which is scheduled to happen over in the US sometime next year, but this can’t be a good indicator of how that is going to go for Depp.

Guy must be absolutely fuming right now as he went into all of this as a desperate bid to save his reputation and now he’s categorically been found out to be a wife beater after an extensive trial and is pretty much being accused of making up a lot of his testimony here as well. Can’t say I feel sorry for the guy, but that’s gonna be a major blow to his life, career and bank balance.

Amber Heard on the other hand must be majorly buzzing so props to her for giving evidence and coming through all this, although having said that she did some pretty questionable things during their relationship as well. The Sun must be popping open the champagne as well – not really sure if that’s a good thing though as well all know what a trash newspaper that is.

They’re the real winners here as even though Heard has won this one (not technically but you know what I mean)  she’s still gotta go through another trial and the emotional toll of giving evidence and everything about her private life that has come out will probably affect her for years to come. Hopefully this result will provide some vindication for her though.

For more of the same, here’s all the crazy stories that came out about Depp’s life during the trial. Absolute carnage basically.


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