John Oliver Completely And Utterly Destroys Donald Trump In A+ Takedown

John Oliver Donald Trump

Turns out Trump’s real name is actually Donald Drumpf.

Over the past few months Donald Trump’s attempt to get the Republican nomination for the Presidential candidate has pretty much dominated American politics as he says or does one completely stupid and ridiculous thing after another.

Many people in this time have tried to convince everyone what an absolute moron this guy is and how electing him as President would be a terrible idea, but most of the time these arguments just come down to the fact that he’s a racist idiot. Whilst this isn’t exactly a bad criticism of him if you’re trying to get people not to vote for him, it’s absolutely nothing on this incredible takedown of him from John Oliver.

It might last around 20 minutes, but it’s the fullest and most complete analysis of Donald Trump’s life and why he’s a terrible choice for President that I’ve seen yet. Oliver mentions his lack of honesty, the fact that he isn’t actually self-funded despite his claims to the contrary (he hasn’t actually taken any corporate money, but he’s loaned himself campaign money, which he is going to pay back with campaign funds. Good one), the fact that he’s supposedly tough but never actually sues anyone despite numerous threats, and the fact that he isn’t anywhere near as successful as he claims as he has a whole bunch of failed business ventures behind him.

Oh yeah and the piece de resistance is that he reveals that Donald Trump’s name would actually have been Donald Drumpf if his parents hadn’t changed their surname. Lol. Check it out below:

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Absolutely definitive right. A+ comments from John Oliver there.

If by some crazy miracle you still need more reasons not to support Donald Trump, then check out our video about why it’s a dumb idea to vote for him below:


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